FEBO is an IOT communication and illumination device, supported by sensors for the detection, collection and sharing of a wide range of data through a dedicated network. The multitude of sensors hosted by the upper body allow for real-time monitoring of environmental and social conditions of the area in which it is placed. A custom designed and custom built apparatus is capable of projecting images, video and custom messages controlled by the data of its sensors to allow for customization of communication, in an interactive fashion.


FEBO is a communication system specifically designed with discreteness in mind, operating from a recessed installation. A smart Iot device, FEBO boasts a custom designed and custom built apparatus, capable of projecting images, video and custom messages on floors or overlooking surfaces. Being equipped with a multitude of sensors allows for real-time monitoring of passages and views of the showcased messages as well the salubrity of the environment sharing continuous data to its portal for customized cross analysis.


FRIDA is a smart table lamp, manageable through its own App and its portal. Created to oversee the quality of the air and the level of harmful gasses, offers the assurance of living in a healthy environment. Its lighting acquires a different meaning when air quality its reportedly below a set limit: in this occorrence, FRIDA is capable to modulate the color of its light beam to communicate the need for ventilation of the premises.


EGGIN is an innovative presence detector that allows recording entries and exits from premises, using advanced algorithms of face recognition. A luminous and vocal feedback notifies the correct identification and acceptance of commands, in accordance with the contemporary philosophy of minimum contact.